Soleyman Vaseghi was born into a family with many generations of involvement with Sufism. He began his formal musical education by joining the Opera Choir at the Roudaki Opera Hall. He was introduced as "Soley" on National Iranian Radio and Television when he was a student of Sociology at the University of Tehran. He then began composing his own music. He also undertook extensive research in Persian literature, poetry, and different styles of music. Before he left Iran in 1986, he produced several albums in the so called "New Age" style albums for the international audience. This music was inspired by the teachings of Sufism and incorporated the poetry of the great Sufi masters, such as Rumi, Hafez, Roudaki, and Sohrab Sepehri. His albums, Vaghe (The Incident); Ab (The water), and Rangin-Kaman (The Rainbow) are the results of this journey. Soley joined the Lian Ensemble in 2002, initiating his involvement within the Persian Classical music.